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The Smile Shapers promo Rx booklet provides additional incentive to clinicians to prescribe Smile Shapers and will be branded to your laboratory.

It includes 10 promotional Rx forms. The Rx booklet includes your preferred pricing and discount.

You will receive a PDF proof that will contain your laboratory’s pricing, your preferred discount percentage, and a calculated promotional price based off your chosen discount.

If you have questions or require personalized service, please contact Nick by phone at 636.212.2568 or email at [email protected]

Note: All highlighted areas depicted in photos are customizable fields and require your laboratory’s information. These customized fields include the following: your laboratory’s logo, your lab’s phone number, and your lab’s pricing per aligner treatment level. Please provide all necessary information in the fields below

*Due to the placement of this logo on a dark background, we require a white .eps or .ai file (a .png or .jpeg file are acceptable, but not preferred). A .png with a white background is not acceptable.
Level 1 pricing uses a maximum of 6 sets of aligner trays.
Level 2 pricing uses a maximum of 12 sets of aligner trays.
Level 3 pricing uses a minimum of 13 sets of aligner trays, and does not place a limit on the number of sets used.


Provide your clients with additional incentive to prescribe Smile Shapers to their patients. Every Rx booklet contains information about the treatment process, including the three tiers of treatment. These Rx booklets will be branded with your lab’s logo, name, preferred pricing, and preferred discount percentage. Please provide all necessary information and then simply select quantity and add to cart. When uploading your laboratory’s logo, please choose a hi-res version in any of the following, approved formats: .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, .png, .jpg, or .jpeg.

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